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Hi, I'm Agnes

I'm a Quality Assurance in Process Manager

I’m part of the team that ensures our products made in Danone comply with food quality standards, making sure that our vulnerable consumers are well taken care of.

My journey so far
  • Goods Release Coordinator
  • Quality Release Coordinator
  • Release Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager

Teamwork and commitment

The products I work with are for babies and infants, and it's really important for me and my team that those products are safe for consumption and won’t cause any problems, so that’s a big impact to make. It can be challenging at times, and we have many different parts of the business relying on us, but we work as a team, everyone is helpful. We have a real can-do attitude and commitment to deliver. I feel satisfied that every baby will have what they need every day.

Hard work is recognised.
Hard work is recognised.

A good balance

There are times I have had to work very hard, but the company has acknowledged that and rewarded me. We have a great benefits package and with flexible working we have a good work-life balance.

Support networks and a drive to achieve

We’re encouraged to build and maintain networks across the company, so that whenever someone needs help in our networks people are willing to get involved. I like to achieve things and feel the fulfilment it brings. If there’s a big problem to solve, we take a cross-functional approach, everyone drives things along, and it’s great to be a part of. 

Everyone can make things happen for themselves.

Empowered to make things happen

Like every Danoner, I have a clear direction for myself, agreed with my manager and with a plan of action. I’m now a line manager and I empower my team to make their own decisions. With hard work you can get to wherever you want to be at Danone. Everyone can make things happen for themselves here. 

Agnes is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone.  Does this sound like you?