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Hi, I'm Lucas

I'm the Planning and Logistics Director

I'm responsible for our ANZ Supply Chain, from Materials and Production planning to Delivering Finished Goods to our Customers, Consumers and Patients across ANZ.

My journey so far
  • Supply Planning Manager
  • Head of Planning
  • Planning and Logistics Director

Day to Day Improvement

Especially in the last couple of years, Supply Chain resiliency and agility has been at the forefront of discussions and priorities for the business. We’ve been continuously improving the visibility and communication, internally and externally, as well as setting ourselves up to quickly respond to changes in Consumers and Business needs. To have a growth mindset and to be able to deal with ambiguity has been essential - I feel like the business embraces change.

it's bigger than just a job
it's bigger than just a job

Worldwide connections and support

I know Danoners from all over the world. Everyone is happy to hear from you, to offer their help. It's deeper than work, it’s bigger than that. We have talented people that all fit our culture.

Open and Encouraged

Since I started, I’ve been able to step out of my role all the time. The company is always interested in new ways, new processes, and new solutions. Danoners are open to anything that will improve their day-to-day to better serve our consumers. If you are interested in being challenged and don’t mind putting yourself out there, raise your hand, you will be given an opportunity. 

Danone makes me a better professional.

Development Every Day

I can’t compare myself to the person I was when I first joined Danone. The experiences I have day to day are adding to my growth. Because the business is quite informal, you have this ability to move, collaborate and create to find solutions. All these experiences make you a better professional.

Lucas is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Sounds like you.