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Hi, I'm Matt

I'm a National Account Manager (NAM)

I look after our accounts with the Pharmacy Channel. I've always been around sales; I enjoy dealing with our customers and delivering tangible results for Danone in the shape of sales numbers.

My journey so far
  • Key Account Manager NZ
  • NAM - Supermarkets
  • NAM - Grocery
  • NAM - Pharmacy

Building strong relationships for growth

The retailers that I work with are really important for marketing our brands and making them accessible, and so having a good relationship with them is key. I make an impact by making sure that our products are on the shelves all the time, by getting new products listed with our retailers, and by delivering value to our shoppers through sales initiatives. 

It's a global community
It's a global community

Connecting ideas and opinions

This is a global business, but everyone has a say in how it operates, and gets listened to. Danoners build amazing networks. We share experiences and learn from each other, all around the world.

Learning from experience

There's always a lot of initiatives to become part of. Stepping out into different roles where you may not have experience or skills really challenges you and forces you to work hard. You learn from that, which helps you build for the next experience. Plus, you broaden your network, and learning from people makes you a bit more well-rounded as you move through your career.

Developing skills to help others.

Sharing knowledge and growing together

I've grown a lot in quite a short time. I've learned to negotiate better, and to work cross functionally with our teams. If you're not growing, you're not progressing. I’ve developed skills that enable me to help others, and equally I rely on other people to build my knowledge even more.

Matt is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Does this sound like you?