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Hi, I'm Ximena

I'm Head of Marketing for Core Milks & Kids

I love working with products that improve peoples’ lives, making them happier and healthier. I like to understand consumer behaviour, planning for the future and shaping possibilities. It’s exciting!

My journey so far
  • Senior Brand Manager
  • Head of Marketing - Karicare
  • Head of Marketing - Core Milks & Kids

Helping new generations lead healthy lives

I joined Danone because of its strong commitment to sustainability and focus on helping people. The brands and the products I help market are making a health impact for future generations. That makes me really happy even though it's a massive responsibility. I have kids myself and Danone aligns to my personal values. I’m really proud of what I do and the positive impact I make.

Danone is really focused on its people.
Danone is really focused on its people.

United by common goals

Diversity is at the centre of our values. We may be from different backgrounds but as Danoners we share common goals, we understand each other, and we thrive in this environment.

Driving positive change

I’m fortunate to be able go to conferences where we get insight from industry leaders on different topics relevant to our work. Getting outside and bringing insights to our organisation is a great way to drive change. I also get involved with our volunteering month, where we have the opportunity to help our local community, and that’s very rewarding.

I’m supported to achieve my goals.

Personal and professional development

We get a lot of support with our development so that we can achieve our personal career goals. We agree a growth plan with our managers and work out how we can deliver it. It all starts from what you want as a Danoner, and how you want to be fulfilled as a person and a professional. It’s motivating!

Ximena is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Does the sound like you?