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Hi there, I’m Adiam

I’m the HR Administration Manager for Benelux

I’m all about HR! I studied HR and it’s been my role at Danone since joining in 2013. Me and my team are part of all kinds of activities involving in the Danoners career, from hire to retire.

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2013
  • HR Support Associate
  • Senior HR Associate
  • HR Administration Manager

Evolving and improving

My role is very diverse. I’ve been a Danoner for several years and I’ve seen a lot of changes and improvements in the HR function during that time. I was involved in a major project for the past two years, globally redesigning the HR processes as the pilot cluster for Danone and building a local payroll interface. It was a lot of hard work at times but also a great accomplishment.

My job is awesome!
My job is awesome!

Great people, great projects

The combination of people and projects I get to work with makes my job awesome! Our leadership teams care for our wellbeing as individuals. I’m not just someone doing a job, I’m part of a family.

Collaboration and achievement

As the HR function has developed during my time as a Danoner, I’ve always been stepping into different projects that have supported those developments and allowed me to gain new skills and experiences. I’ve collaborated with colleagues from all around the world to help improve HR for each part of the company.

Danone has shaped me!

Accomplishments and growth

I am supported and shaped by my managers. They gave me the tools and opportunity to do this role, where I speak to my team about their accomplishments as part of their performance review, and help shape the next stage of their growth during development conversations.

Adiam is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.