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I’m Pieter-Jan, good to meet you

I’m a Production Unit Manager

My role is about making sure my production unit is functioning efficiently every day, developing my team’s performance, and delivering high levels of service and standards.  

My journey so far
  • Danoner since 2018
  • Project Optimization Jr. Manager
  • Production Unit Manager

Spreading positivity

There are always challenges in running the production unit, and the impact that we try to make every day is to be positive. I bring optimism and a positive energy to my team so that they stay strong alongside me. Together we can face any issue.

Management is always willing to listen and help.
Management is always willing to listen and help.

Understanding and learning

I first came to Danone as part of my studies, and my manager always had time for me, supporting me, helping me to understand the company and to learn, and that’s very typical of life at Danone.

Discovering and understanding

I’ve been involved in other projects outside of my job description which have really helped my learning. There’s lots of parts of the business that I still don’t know much about, so I try to get involved and assist with other departments. It helps me discover other things at Danone that interest me to possibly pursue in the future. Plus, if I understand more about other parts of the business it makes my job easier too.

I learn so much from my team.

Committed to development

I talk to lots of Danoners and try to learn as much as possible from them. I’ve learned the most on the factory floor with my team. They have tonnes of experience and support me every day. I’m committed to developing myself and taking every opportunity that I can.

Pieter-Jan is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.