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Hi, I’m Robrecht

I’m a Senior Market Strategy Manager

I’m making Alpro available far and wide. I’m a huge Alpro fan and I love connecting with people, that’s why I’m in sales!

My journey so far
  • Jr. Retailer Brand Manager in 2017 - Belgium
  • Jr. Key Account Manager - Belgium
  • Key Account Manager - Belgium
  • Senior Market Strategy Manager in 2023 - Switzerland

Fast and fun!

My role is entrepreneurial and creative. I work with various departments and customers. It’s complex, fast, and fun, with lots of variety. My work has an immediate impact; a new listing allows thousands of people access to their perfect plant-based coffee. When I go out, it’s great to see and taste the products I’ve been promoting. Working with Alpro triggered my interest in coffee, so I’ve bought a professional machine to enjoy plant-based goodness with my friends and family.

Danone feels like a family!
Danone feels like a family!

Looked after and well-resourced

Danone looks after us, making sure we have all the resources we need. There’s great work-life balance, lots of career possibilities, and at the same time it feels comfortable, with a caring culture.

Opportunities to develop

There’s always different projects to get involved in at Danone. I’m currently part of a team with colleagues overseas that’s developing a B2B website to help restaurant chefs to find recipes that make the best of our products. It’s more closely aligned to marketing than sales and being involved is good for my development. I really appreciate the opportunity to engage with people in a different way.

Conversations lead to opportunities.

Actively supported to develop

I’ve been able to grow by making the most of each role I’ve had and looking for chances to take on more, and that’s been supported by my managers. Every Danoner has regular development conversations, they actively help us seek new opportunities to explore. That's something I really appreciate.

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Robrecht is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.