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Hi, I'm Alexey

I have been with Danone for more than 6 years

I work as a business systems analyst and am engaged in two areas. The first is the implementation of a warehouse management system in Russia. The second is support of already running warehouses.

Focus on the future

We have many different projects about environmental care and volunteering. In Krasnodar, I constantly see that charitable projects are being implemented. My mindset has also changed, I try to help people, I sort waste at home. I am very pleased to work in a company that benefits the community.

Danone focuses on people, not structures and processes
Danone focuses on people, not structures and processes

Employees come first

The working conditions are set in such a way that you are comfortable with your work. There is no discomfort in terms of relationships with leaders, for example. You can ask any question and get an answer.

At the forefront of innovation

We are one of the first Danone companies globally to launch WMS remotely in a situation of COVID pandemic. Until the beginning of this year, I didn't think it was possible. Being at home, launching a system that is 100% related to the physical flows in the warehouse was a serious challenge, but we managed it.


At the same time, the launch went very well: there were no big losses or additional costs on the part of the business. We used augmented reality glasses. When you put them on you can see and hear everything that happens in the warehouse.

No limits for development

You are the one who defines your role

One of the hallmarks of our team is our readiness to go beyond. Even if a certain competence belongs to another area, we understand it gives benefits to us and saves our colleagues' time. This does not mean doing someone else's work, but learning something new. So accepting challenges and going beyond the usual happen with us all the time.

Alexey is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Sounds like you.