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Hi, I'm Andrey

I am the NKA Promo Execution Manager

My department performs two functions. The first is PRGM - everything related to promo management: price promo and price decomposition on the shelf. The second is “shopper activation", they are not price activations.

Danone has a great social responsibility

I am proud to work for such a company, a market leader, which is guided by the principles of the UN and protects the environment.

I had to change my view of the world, of people
I had to change my view of the world, of people

There are 5 people in my team

There are people who are focused only on numbers. That is, global analytics – why and what we get from figures, big sales data. And there are people who look at the picture from a completely different, creative side. It is very interesting to work with both at the same time. And I myself have to accumulate everything together.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

It's really developing. There is no need to lock yourself inside, it is important to go somewhere all the time, take new projects. And it is clear that there is no need to be afraid of any changes. I think these are golden truths everyone knows.

I have never even had the thought of trying to enter the job market

You can build a career to your liking, grow both vertically and horizontally

Each of my years in the company was interesting in its own way, something was changing all the time. I always had to rebuild myself. There has never been a moment when there was some kind of long routine.

Andrey is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Sounds like you.