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Hi, I'm Polina

I have been with Danone for more than 5 years

I hold the position of PRGM manager in Belarus. The PRGM department combines promotional, portfolio and pricing areas, and is also primarily engaged in analytics.

My journey so far
  • Young Graduates program
  • Marketing rotation
  • PRGM manager

Impact the future

We have one planet, one life, one chance, and we must use this chance. Protect the planet, take care of yourself and those around you. It seems to me that every employee is proud of our products and considers them to be of high quality, and this is also one of the success factors. Because it's great to sell what you yourself consider to be a good product and what you believe in.

Colleagues and atmosphere are the biggest advantage of the company for me
Colleagues and atmosphere are the biggest advantage of the company for me

I don't even know if there is a chance that you will be refused

It seems to me that Danone brings together a certain type of people who correspond to the competencies of the company. You always know that you can find support even in the most difficult cases.

Learn new things every day

I work with colleagues across departments to help my team develop and widen their knowledge through temporary assignments and projects. It’s important especially for younger employees to gain experience in various business areas. Danone has a lot of challenges, but they all force you to go beyond and develop.

You’ll never know, unless you try

It's up to you to decide how to build a career at Danone

The company provides plenty of opportunities. Do not miss them or better initiate them yourself. Because Danoners will always meet your needs, and if an opportunity is available, they will listen to your ideas and desires.

Polina is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Be with us.