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Hi, I'm Svetlana

I am a Senior Medical Representative at SN

In January this year, it was 10 years since I joined the company. It was a difficult path. I was refused twice for various reasons. But in the end, I started my career at Danone thanks to a lot of motivation.

My strongest motivation was to help children

I believe, the main thing is not how much time you work at any company: one year, five years, ten years, but how you do your work, how you share with doctors the knowledge that you have.

All my colleagues are one big family. I live with this idea, and I am happy
All my colleagues are one big family. I live with this idea, and I am happy

It is not enough to have knowledge. It is very important to convey and impart it

And I carry them like a jewel, because only together we can preserve the health of children from infancy on.

Before joining Danone, I did a whole lot of research

I compared the products of companies that make baby food and breast milk substitutes, and I realized that the Nutricia brand suits me better than others. Already at the beginning of the trial period, sales began to grow on my territory. This is what intrinsic motivation means.

My way of thinking, my life is my job at Danone!

Invest in your work knowledge, soul, heart – and you’ll succeed

I believe that the most important thing in life is that your knowledge, skills, efforts help and benefit others. You will be effective only when your work ignites you. And I can say that I am a happy person!

Svetlana is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Be with us.