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Hi, I'm Tatiana

I work as a Brand Manager

I am responsible for the portfolio of Nutrilon and Malyutka brands. In fact, I am engaged in product creation and brand promotion.

My journey so far
  • Management Trainee R&I
  • Management Trainee Marketing
  • Brand Manager SN

Focus on the future

You know you support portfolios of foods for babies. You can't do your job just well, you have to do every little thing perfectly, and this is very responsible – the fact that we are doing both at Nutricia and Danone affects a person's health throughout his life.

Focus on people
Focus on people

At Danone you will always find support

Colleagues are ready to help, share knowledge and expertise. This, probably, helped me to adapt so quickly in the company. And the main thing is that now I am ready to provide support to someone.

You will not get bored with us

From the first day in the company, I enjoy what I do. In my opinion, we have no daily drudgery at all. You really don't know what tasks you will have tomorrow. A new day means new challenges, new opportunities.

You yourself determine your range of tasks and how to achieve your goal

At Danone they don't tell you what to do or how

A big challenge for me was working in the R&I department. I did not have a specialized technical education, and therefore, work in this department was a real grind to me. But thanks to the help of colleagues and the manager, I managed to get to the bottom of the production technology, to understand the product development process.

Tatiana is looking for energetic and pushful people to join Danone. Sounds like you.