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Hi, I'm Victoriya

I am Senior Innovation Product Manager at Danone

I innovate and develop new approaches: new types of interaction with the consumers, non-standard collaborations with external partners – chefs, scientists, startups.

My journey so far
  • Management Trainee R&I
  • Management Trainee Marketing
  • R&I Manager
  • Senior Innovation Product Manager

Focus on the future

Our mission – bringing health through food – is embodied in my work every day. I support the concept of sustainability in manufacturing: for example, waste separation or the use of returnable bottles. Besides I tell my friends that our products are really healthy and wholesome, that they have a normal shelf life, that we do not add trans fats.

I remember my first impression when I joined the team
I remember my first impression when I joined the team

I thought everyone would be so busy that there would be no one to help me

But colleagues were ready to answer my questions, despite their busy schedule, as if they remember their first months at Danone.

It was in Danone that I began to believe any dream may come true

I launched 13 new products in 2019. It was a kind of overcoming myself: it is not easy to do a lot in a short time, but it made me believe in myself. In the company I like freedom of action. This coin has two sides: you really can choose what to do, you are not limited by anything.

But you do not always understand what is expected of you and how to achieve it. What you will do, what result you will get – all responsibility will be solely on you.

Danone is an opportunity to fantasize and make dreams come true

They will listen to your ideas

From the very first months of my work, I understood that I was doing a project in which I had not just the right to vote, but the right to make a decision.

Victoria is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join Danone. Be with us.