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Our teams

Various teams all working together to achieve our One Planet. One Health vision


Marketing is for those who enjoys creating from scratch. Join if you wish to analyze and understand the customer and then to create incredible products for millions of people to love.


R&I is for innovative thinkers. This team creates new tastes, formulas and products to bring health and pleasure to millions of people around the world.


Industrial is ideal platform for managers with excellent technical background. This team implements best practices and elaborates new solutions and tools to make Danone manufacturing process even more efficient.

Cycles & Procurement

The main purpose of Procurement is DANONE is much more than purchasing of materials, goods and services. This team works to find the most efficient ways of cost management, to develop our providers and to make all our business solutions safe for the environment.  


Sales is the most influencing part of our business; this function drives the whole organization forward. The right place for most result-oriented individuals with push it to the limits approach. 


Communications department is the voice of Danone all over the world. Join if you want to influence and build image and reputation both inside and outside the organization.


Finance department is in charge of budgeting process in Danone. This team works with large data volumes to find the best option for Danone to be efficient on the markets of our region. That’s not easy but it’s never boring! 


Quality control team owns the most valuable thing we have in Danone –excellent quality of our products. High quality standards are a part of Danone DNA –so errors and compromises are not an option.


HR helps Danone to build solid foundation and increase business efficiency by implementing unique corporate culture and modern staffing, learning and developing solutions. 


Experts in IT function implement the most innovative business solutions to ensure digital transformation in Danone. This team works globally across all Danone facilities around the world.


Engineering is an excellent mix of project management, analysis and technology. This team implements changes making the most significant effect on the business. You may always find a difficult but still interesting project in the company with more than 100 new product launches annually.


Would like to know how to consolidate speed, safety and effectiveness? Just ask our logistics team. Thank them for bringing our products from the production sites right to the stores faster than possible.


Planning allows the company to operate smooth like single well-set mechanism. Join if you are one of those who can notice the logic behind figures and processes.

Do you want to join our teams?