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  • Posted: 10 Jul 2024
  • Operations
  • South Africa
  • On-site

About the job

To run and maintain all the production lines and to Manage own team on shift within the given KPI’s.



1. Safety

  • Accountable for house-keeping standards on the shift
  • Identify, manage and report safety hazards
  • Execute safety incidents/accident investigations
  • Monitor the adherence to the Safety regulations, procedures, and policies
  • Conduct safety training & safety talks as per the guidelines
  • Communicates with safety manager regarding near misses and accidents regarding policies
  • Execute audits and implement action plan as and when required
  • Ensure that the area of production is clean at all times (5S)
  • Ensure that staff attend annual safety induction training as well as annual medical check ups




  1. Quality


  • Assures product quality:  Assist operators in problem solving
  • Produce within the targeted Customer Complaints/Ton
  • Execution of activities according to quality standards/criteria, policies and procedures,
  • Completion of all quality related documentations
  • Adhere to the HACCP and AIB protocols.

       Food Safety and Quality

  • Ensure adherence to Food Safety and Quality principles as included in the policies, procedures, product specifications and processes. This also includes general Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and hygiene practices.
  • Identify and report any potential Food Safety & Quality and GMP deviations and hazards.




  1. Cost
  • Continuously identify opportunities to save costs
  • Execute activities within the set budget
  • Deliver the products within the targeted milk and losses standards
  • Adhere to the DAMAWAY procedures and processes



  1. Delivery
  • Understand and act in line with customer service expectations
  • Initiate projects to increase the operations capacity to meet the market demand
  • Deliver the required amount of tons of the right quality at the right time
  • Deliver the product to meet the targeted Plant Service Level
  • Escalate and communicate upwards when there is risk in not meeting delivery requirements
  • Deliver the targets within the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Execute 15 minutes team talk
  • Execute proper shift hand over
  • On the line Maintenance


  1. Morale
  • Motivate, engage, inspire subordinates
  • Recruitment and selection of team members
  • Provide perpetual performance feedback to subordinates
  • Drive communication within the team and run the Damaway team briefings
  • Be the custodian of the company Values and CODE
  • Manage attendance, timekeeping, discipline and grievances of the team
  • Ensure that personnel are trained, and training plan implemented





  1. Daily Production
  • Review human resources required per shift
  • Review the SQCDM boards and ensure that they are updated
  • Ensure daily running of the line
  • Ensure that the following systems are kept updated i.e. SAP etc.
  • Ensure that production change overs and CIP plans are discussed and implement action plan
  • Do routine/quality checks, by walking around the floor
  • Follow through with the warehouse on shop orders, synchronize production plan with production planning scheduler!
  • Conduct preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance on the line with the support of the Artisans
  • Coaching of team members
  • Directs routine maintenance of machines and equipment as well as the set up of the machines
  • Synchronizing other departments requests on the line (i.e. trials)
  • Short Frequency line tours
  • Investigate and Delegate Root Cause Analysis on downtimes greater than 2 hours


About you


National Diploma/Degree in Production Management/ Operations or equivalent


Experience and Skills: 5-6 years working experience in a manufacturing environment preferably in FMCG, with 3 years in a supervisory role


requires a versatile skill set, combining leadership, operational expertise, and interpersonal skills to effectively manage both people and processes within an organization.

About us

We offer a job which could easily turn into a career in Danone. We believe everyone is born with superpowers, something which comes natural to you. We know this uniqueness is something which brings both excellence as well as energy, so we believe in all Danoner’s potential and when we build careers based on these superpowers and when we develop everyone’s potential to the fullest magic happens. This is how we like to see Talent Management in Danone.