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Internship: Life Science - Data Curation (6 months)

  • Posted: 22 Jan 2024
  • Research & Innovation
  • Singapore
  • On-site

About the job

We are seeking a dedicated and meticulous data curation intern with a strong background in life sciences and a passion for data-driven insights. This position requires an individual with exceptional reading and analytical thinking skills, complemented by a curious mindset.

Key Responsibilities
• Curate and organize large datasets, ensuring the quality and reliability of information. 
• Collaborate with the research team to understand specific data requirements and curation needs.
• Apply basic programming skills to automate repetitive data curation tasks where necessary.
• Analyze datasets to identify inconsistencies, missing values, or anomalies.
• Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in life sciences and integrate relevant information into our datasets.
• Assist in preparing reports and visualizations based on the curated data.
• Contribute to brainstorming sessions, offering insights drawn from curated data.
• Participate in continuous learning opportunities to enhance domain knowledge and data curation skills

About you

To be successful in this role, you will need…

The following technical skills and experience:
• Bachelor's or ongoing studies in life sciences, biology, bioinformatics, or related fields 
• Proficient in basic programming (preferably in languages such as Perl, Python, and R).
• Knowledge of data curation and scientific literature mining is required.
• Fundamental understanding of scientific databases such as NCBI PubMed, Gene, BLAST, MeSH, HGNC, KEGG, OMIM, COSMIC, and others.
• A fundamental understanding of sequencing technologies and bioinfomatics analysis is advantageous.

These soft skills:
• Exceptional reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills 
• Detail-oriented and meticulous approach to tasks.
• Curious and proactive mindset, eager to learn and contribute.
• Ability to work independently as well as collaborate in a team environment.
• Strong organizational and multitasking skills.
• Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.

About us

Do things your way. At Danone Singapore, we believe that our teams work best when they are empowered to work flexibly – this is why our hybrid working policy allows you to agree the right balance of homeworking and office working, in line with yours and the team’s needs.

Focus on development – your way
With a suite of learning opportunities and a strong focus on in-role development, your line manager will work closely with you to help unlock your career ambitions within Danone. Working here you will enjoy a fast-paced, complex environment, which is packed with opportunities for the entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll work with some of the best-known brands in the world, such as evian, Dumex and Aptamil, and we absolutely guarantee that you can just be yourself.

Our values
We live by our core ‘HOPE’ values – H is for Humanism, as people are at the heart of everything we do. O is for Openness, welcoming new ideas from the world we live in. P is for Proximity, as we believe that building close relationships leads to better understanding and trust. E is for Enthusiasm, for those who are as passionate as we are about bringing health through food to as many people as possible.

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