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Good to see you, I’m Mikele

I’m a Data Scientist, working in Barcelona.

I use data to help Danone improve the way we do things, to be more efficient, and to help us make the best decisions that fit with our values and mission.

My journey so far

Finding answers to big questions

There’s always lots of questions being asked at Danone, because we’re curious and progressive, we’re always innovating and trying new things. Data has a huge role to play in helping answer those questions, and it’s great to be playing a part in moving the business forward and in delivering our One Planet One Health mission.

I’m part of a fun, friendly team!
I’m part of a fun, friendly team!

Sharing and learning together

It’s such a collaborative, supportive culture here. Data is increasingly influential at Danone and there’s lots of interest in my work from colleagues across the business. I feel welcome and valued!

Facing up to new challenges

I’m still quite new to Danone, and I’m very much a technology person, so I can find it a little daunting when I need to present information in front of large groups of people, especially senior leaders. So, I’m working on that and being brave enough to step out of my comfort zone to try and improve my public speaking. I like challenging myself! 

Looking to the future

I’m in the best place to grow!

I’ve had great support so far, and there’s so much opportunity to learn and develop my professional and personal skills. I’m keen to work with new technology and new solutions, and there’s no better place than Danone to be able to do that!

Mikele is looking for committed and enthusiastic people to join Danone.