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Hi, I’m Ricardo

I’m the IT User Service delivery and Experience manager for Southern Europe.

I’m responsible for the IT service desk team and support on site team across Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. We work to make sure everyone’s IT user experience is the best it can be. 

My journey so far

Contributing to our mission

Danone’s mission of One Planet. One Health is really important to me. I’m making a contribution by working hard to improve the environmental credentials of the IT products we use, especially when it comes to end of life. I’m renegotiating contracts with our suppliers to make sure products have recycling options, and we’re also donating lots of IT equipment we no longer use to schools that can keep using them, rather than just disposing of them. 

It’s great to feel welcome!
It’s great to feel welcome!

A place to belong

I appreciated being assigned a buddy when I started. They show you around, introduce you to people, and help you get settled in. Danone wants everyone to be happy and feel they are part of the team. 

Learning and sharing

During the pandemic I was asked to get involved in internal communications, helping set up and deliver some online town hall meetings. I was totally out of my comfort zone, I didn’t know anything about event management or the audio-visual requirements, but it’s been a great learning experience. And now I’m helping a colleague learn how to run those meetings as well, which is very satisfying. 

I’m building the career I want for myself

Support to explore

We’re all encouraged to explore the business and build the career we want to have. In our regular performance review conversations, I get to talk to my manager about what I want to achieve, and we discuss how we can make it happen. I’ve always been given every support and the tools to progress here.

Ricardo is looking for committed and enthusiastic people to join Danone.