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I'm a Global B Corp Manager and I’ve been with Danone since 2016.

It's my job to help Danone become certified B Corp, reaching the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

My journey so far
  • Joined us in 2016
  • B Corp Community Manager
  • Global B Corp Manager

We're going through big changes

I’m creating a roadmap for Danone to achieve 100% B Corp certification. This means shifting our philosophy to meet new standards of social and environmental responsibility.

We’re about 45% there and I’m working with sites across the world to help them achieve it by 2025.

It's happening from the ground up
It's happening from the ground up

What's great is that we aren't dictating this change.

I get to empower people to take ownership of it and help them understand the impact.

Seeing people change their mindset and become as passionate as I am is incredible.


It's a hot topic internally and externally, so the demands on our time are high. But it’s a vibrant and exciting environment.

I’ve worked for charities, social businesses and public affairs but I think multi-nationals like Danone can have the biggest impact.

There are so many ways to develop yourself through things like community work or secondments.

Opportunities are everywhere

Next to my job I work on a project with a coalition of multi-nationals. It's inspiring to be working to improve diversity, accessibility and inequality across the industry.

Alex is looking for committed and enthusiastic people to join Danone.