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I'm Digital Transformation Lead for Benelux.

I'm responsible for setting the digital transformation in motion for the healthcare segment of Nutricia.

My journey so far
  • Joined as Head of Digital in 2016
  • Digital Transformation Lead in 2021


The company as a whole is making bold moves on the planet and sustainability.

That's something I sign up to, I can contribute and have an impact and it’s one of the reasons I was keen to join Danone.

It takes courage to do something different. Especially as a new team.
It takes courage to do something different. Especially as a new team.

Be brave and bring an entrepreneurial mindset

We develop new channels and technology all the time – but as they are new, we really need to convince our colleagues to them try out and experience the value.

It’s almost building a small business within a very big business.

There aren’t always set processes and established structures in place, so you can take responsibility from the minute you join.

You’re accountable but you’ll get plenty of support. It’s a people-orientated place – to me that’s important.

We're free to develop new ideas

It’s great to have freedom to take control of big projects.

We are a relatively new team which has given me space to try different things and bring ideas to life very quickly. Since joining I’ve shaped our digital strategy and implemented a road map for the business.

Jesse is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you?