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Hello! I’m Monica.

I’m the HR Digitalization & Analytics Director

I’ve been with Danone since 2013. My role is to lead an HR digitalization journey to serve 100K Danoners & 2000 HR professionals worldwide. I’ve been based in Paris since 2018.

My journey so far
  • Joined in 2013 as Senior C&B Manager - China
  • Learning & Development Director - China
  • Global Danone Academy Director - France
  • HR Digitalisation & Analytics Director - France


I’m proud that I can discuss environmental issues with my son and share with him what we’re doing around packaging; Volvic bottles are now 100% recyclable - that makes an impact.

I’m also proud that Danone isn’t just about employing lots of people to fill lots of roles so we can grow; it’s about investing in people’s futures, so they can grow within the company. And that has a real impact on why our people stay. 

For my first global role I was paired with a mentor, which was great!
For my first global role I was paired with a mentor, which was great!

Supported and valued

For someone in a top leadership position to dedicate at least one meeting a month to me, to support me in my new role, is an example of how leaders in the group help talent grow. 

Empowerment, freedom and entrepreneurship

When I first joined Danone, I was rather shocked. I expected the standard, big organisation, top-down processes. But the exact opposite of that happened. Straightaway a colleague told me, we have a process, but it’s one where everyone can challenge and collaborate. Within my first month, that’s what I was doing, voicing my ideas, and collaborating across teams and management levels. That's where Danone is different. They give people a lot of empowerment, freedom, and entrepreneurship.

We have consistent growth development opportunities

Growth is an ongoing process

Because we are on a mission that is so closely associated with health and the environment, we will encourage more people to join us. And of course, to fully understand the mission, learning is vital to this. This is true for current colleagues too, it’s an ongoing process for us all. 

  • country image China
    I'm the Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead.
  • country image France
    I'm the Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead.

Monica is looking for passionate and ambitious people to join Danone.