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Hello, my name is Georges!

I'm a Packaging Research and Innovation Manager.

What I like: surprising consumers with ever more innovative products by combining science and technology to the benefit of the end user!

My journey so far
  • - 2015 - Packaging R&I Project Manager
  • - 2019 - Packaging R&I Manager France

Innovation is action!

I have the chance to create tomorrow’s packaging by giving special attention to choosing 100% of recyclable materials.

I can impact what the consumer sees and surprise him with what he uses; through design, touch, colors, packaging and many other secrets that make the strengths of our products.

Each opinion and each voice count!
Each opinion and each voice count!

Collaboration, equality and diversity define Danone as a company

In Research & Innovation our wealth comes from our diversity and mix. We are proud to be part of an inclusive team!

Each opinion and each voice count!
Each opinion and each voice count!

We organize exchange sessions with our consumers.

As a company, we co-create with the consumers more sustainable packaging for current and future generations. We are also involved in raising awareness about environmental issues on a regular basis.

Want a piece of advice? Get inspired and exchange ideas to find new ones!

Being ambitious at Danone is not a taboo

Everyone gets the opportunity to build their own path at Danone. Especially during the annual development chats, the moment we discuss our career development with our manager (internal mobility, training, etc.). 

Georges is looking for motivated entrepreneurs. What if it were you? Join him now.