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Hello! My name is Laurène

I’m a Sales Representative for the West Paris area

I work for Essential Dairy and Plant-based products. By joining Danone, I managed to reconcile marketing of consumer goods and health through food.

My journey so far

As a Sales Representative, I have had a direct impact on the business

My job is to increase Danone’s turnover in my area. I like to be around consumers and customers every day and create a long-term bond with them.

Our actions and our goals make my job meaningful
Our actions and our goals make my job meaningful

I work with customers and consumers around

I meet with customers and consumers every day and I thrive on this closeness.

It’s also an opportunity for me to share Danone’s social and environmental goals. It makes me so proud!

I’m so lucky to have the possibility to carry my ideas in the 1st year of my career!

As soon as you join Danone, you can bring new ideas, implement it and lead it at your level. That's what you call the entrepreneurial spirit.

Finding meaning in your daily job allows for a strong commitment

Sharing energy is stimulating and rewarding

Each day at Danone is a new opportunity to learn, to know myself better, and to push my limits alongside committed Danoners.

Laurène is looking for passionate people. What if it were you?