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Hello, my name is Marine

I am the One Health Project Coordinator for Danone Ecosystem

Working for Danone Ecosystem on health issues, especially for children, I combine values that are important to me: collaboration, altruism, solidarity and health. I am convinced that it is through action and by combining the complementary strengths of entities such as NGOs, authorities, the private sector and the population that we will succeed.

My journey so far
  • - 2008 - R&D Global Nutrition Internship
  • - 2008 - Nutrition Manager Global Nutrition
  • - 2016 - Nutrition & Health Manager R&I Danone Africa
  • - 2020 - Project Coordinator Danone Ecosystem Fund

African proverb saying: "Alone we go faster, but together we go further"

My duty: co-creating sustainable and inclusive models in the interest of society, with different partners including NGOs. I gather complementary skills and resources to create a positive impact on children's health.

Together with a local NGO, we have developed a program to raise awareness and improve eating habits for children in schools, health professionals and teachers.

Danoners are key
Danoners are key

Our company is brave and full of passionate people

Our goals are important: A company with a mission, B Corp-certified brands, and funds like Danone Ecosystem require bravery in a world where competition and profit often takes priority. And this is only possible thanks to the passion and involvement of each and every Danoner.

In my job, everything is outside the box
In my job, everything is outside the box

We trigger connection, and that's great!

Bringing Danone and NGOs closer every day to improve children's health is a powerful and engaging duty. It's a real team effort where everyone must be convinced and convincing for the projects to succeed.

I contributed to Danone's approach to food beyond the health angle itself

My development has been shaped by the many people I met

Whether it was a Manager who trusted me, a Head of Marketing who inspired me to get to know the consumer better or an Intern who proved me that no matter how old you are you can have dreams and move mountains.

Marine is looking for people who fulfill their dream. What if it were you?