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People centric


We value differences and unique qualities of each individual. We aim to foster an inclusive working environment that supports the professional development & the well-being of our employees. We want to create an organization where equal opportunity is given to every employee regardless of their gender.

  • >15.000
    Employees in all over Indonesia
  • ONE
    Company share for each danoners
  • 50%
    Women on Board of Directors
  • FOUR
    Generations working together right from Baby Boomers to Gen Z
"Diversity is the key to business growth and innovations."
"Diversity is the key to business growth and innovations."
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One Person, One Voice, One Share (OPOVOS)

One Person, One Voice, One Share (OPOVOS) is an innovative governance & employee engagement model that enables Danoners to co-own our company agenda, bringing the One Planet One Health vision to life. The participative One Person One Voice program empowers Danoners to voice out and shape Danone's future. Through One Person One Share, every Danoner is granted with one Danone share to deepen the ownership mindset.


We believe that strength lies in differences. You are special and deserve respect for your unique talents. Here, we uphold a culture of fostering collective impact and teamwork through inclusion and diversity. We wanted to ensure that you are able express yourself freely regardless of your background and certainly believe that your potential indeed goes beyond your background.

  • >15.000
    Employees from all over Indonesia

"Collaboration is the key to build outstanding business solutions!"
"Collaboration is the key to build outstanding business solutions!"
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Prioritizing Collaboration and Relationships

This is a collaborative and social workplace with a focus on wellbeing. We place importance on networks and relationships, not structure and process. We believe that collaboration among our employees will ease their journey in reaching a collective goal and allow them to grow better as individuals. Hence, we encourage our employees to strengthen their relationship with the others.