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Regional Quality Manager

  • Telah dipos: 27 Apr 2022
  • Quality & Food safety
  • Jakarta
  • Indonesia

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To support the implementation of Quality Food Safety and Quality Improvement within Industrial plant operation to ensure the sustainability global performance, the development of a quality mindset & living QFS Key Performance Indicator . To coordinate and lead the quality food safety implementation within Industrial Region and coordinate project which implementing in Regional scope and across function of the organization.

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Main competencies : 

1. Technical expertise – it’s essential for Regional Quality Managers to have a firm understanding of process improvement techniques and experience applying these if they are to make organizational changes, Project portfolio management – L3, Problem solving PDCA - L3, Formulation, process and equipment - L2, Quality and food safety management systems – L3, Quality contribution to business Strategy – L3.
2. Organization skills – Quality Regional Managers spearhead both the planning and implementation stages of multiple projects, so they must be organized and committed to meeting deadlines.
3. Leadership skills – Ability to leadership, convince, negotiation, Regional quality managers are coaches, inspiring other team QAM members to give their best effort and setting the direction for many initiatives, Interpersonal relations, coaching
4. Analytical thinking – critically evaluate individual processes and projects, then synthesize their insights to arrive at a summary of overall organizational status in regional level.
5. Communication skills – being able to speak, listen, and write well is important, facilitate meetings and trainings, and create reports.

Key responsibilities  : 

1. It’s the job of Regional Quality Manager to coordinate and lead key projects for QFS Implementation across all levels of the organization. They may supervise several teams in-directly or collaborate with all stakeholder at CBU Level and Plant level.
2. Leading implementation QFS plan, project and other practices in Plant Level.
3. Regional Quality Manager leading to momitor and measurable standards at the start of a project and then compare actual project results against these, regularly generating detailed update reports for related stakeholder.
4. Ensure the QFS implementation of the global QFS Performance & Guidance.
5. Provide data analysis at Regional level of QFS and Quality Performance, Develop report to CBU .
6. Maintain and improve reporting system for Quality Performance and other projects.

7. Provide supports to factory on dealing with solving the problems e.g. Quality Improvement, industrial feasibility validation, etc.
8. Coordinate all the factories within Region and other QFS function on the Quality Management System (QMS) implementation,
9. Change of Management in term of project Capacity Building and Project Service (CBPS), Productivity Project and Business Contingency Plan ( BCP).
10. Developing people capability in the Region and collaborative with another stak3holder.

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Danone's mission is Bringing health through food to as many people as possible and we want to invite people to join the movement for a healthier world.

We recognize the power people have to impact the world through their daily choices. Each time we eat and drink, we vote for the world we want to live in.

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