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Make An Impact

As a Dual-Purpose Company,  we believe in healthy nutrition for everyone; we believe in growing our Consumers, our Communities and our Ecosystem.


We are very conscious of the role we play beyond our business. We are leveraging the power of our science, our people and brands, and collaborating with nutrition experts and NGOs to collectively shape a future that is Healthier, Inclusive and Sustainable.

  • 5
    Entities will be achieving B-Corp Certification by 2025
  • >670
    Different types of products sold across the region
  • 9 Million
    Anemia awareness targeted reach in SEA (see below)
  • 20,000
    Lives impacted with product donation in H1 2021
"We work closely with other organizations"
"We work closely with other organizations"
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Health of The People

Today’s modern societies, because of more sedentary lifestyles and less healthy eating habits, are facing major public health issues. At Danone, we have committed to contribute to the health and wellbeing of society.  For example, in Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand, we are committed to create awareness about iron deficiency anemia which is a local concern while healthy ageing and protein deficiency are other public health concerns in Singapore and India. 

Health of the Planet

The worldwide population is increasing rapidly and the development of food production harms the environment. At Danone, we want to become part of the solution to fix our food system. Our approach is focused on the key pillars of climate change, protecting water cycles, and co-build a circular economy of packaging. We have an aim to reduce carbon emission, water intake, and waste to land-fills at our manufacturing operations while also making sure our packaging are recyclable.  

  • 2025
    To achieve 100% recyclable packaging

Our Bangplee Factory Solar Panels and B-Corp™ Certification Celebration in Thailand

“We’re mindful of the planet, and of the health we need to bring to it”
“We’re mindful of the planet, and of the health we need to bring to it”
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B-CORP Certification

Danone aims to be one of the first multinationals to achieve full B-CorpTM Certification as a global entity. This Certification is a promise that a company is doing business in a way that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and is certified by B Lab®, a third-party non-profit. Danone Thailand became B-Corp certified in April 2021.

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