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Initiatives are welcomed at Danone and entrepreneurship is valued in everyday life. We are encouraged to seize opportunities to step out of our every day tasks to engage with our community and industry. We are not limited by our job descriptions and are free to explore and contribute to different projects, functions and countries. 

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    Internal Facilitators
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    Local One Voice Volunteers (see below)
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    No of trainings conducted by internal facilitators in H1 2021
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    No of regional One Voice Volunteers @ Global Level
"At Danone, everyone gets involved in different projects outside their main role"
"At Danone, everyone gets involved in different projects outside their main role"
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Every Danoner has the opportunity to volunteer in local actions, for example becoming an inclusive diversity champion or 'One Voice' volunteer where we can represent the voices of our peers in providing recommendations to our leadership teams to impact our company plans. We can also contribute as volunteers to create impact to our local communities via our company projects (e.g. Banyan Project which supports children from low-income families and One Health & Sustainability Programs which aims to spread more health awareness in our communities).

"You learn and develop alongside your colleagues"
"You learn and develop alongside your colleagues"
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Danone internal facilitators is a program for Danoners by Danoners. It consists of a group of internal facilitators who offered their time, knowledge and expertise to deliver trainings in functional, leadership or transversal topics for their peers. Each internal facilitator is equipped with facilitation skills to support the competency and quality of the delivery of the training.

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