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Hi, I’m Ahmed

I’m Global IT & Data Director, Cycles & Procurement

I lead a great team that designs and delivers IT & Data Solutions that drive Sourcing, Procurement & Sustainability across our Cycles (Water, Packaging & Agriculture) in all the countries where you can find Danone. 

My journey so far
  • India South-East Asia IT Director
  • Lead One Danone IT Transformation for ISEA
  • Expanded Role: Data & Tech Lead APAC
  • Global IT & Data Director, Cycles & Procurement

Making great things happen

I spent several years as a Danoner in Southeast Asia. It was a really busy time, I was involved in setting up new ways of working across a huge geography, with lots of cultural and language challenges. I brought in new IT solutions, hired new people, introduced new systems and governance. It kept me busy all day and all night, but I loved it, and the impact has been to see that territory expand into one of our most successful markets. I hope to get back there one day! 

Getting the right balance for success
Getting the right balance for success

Supporting what matters most

People are the #1 most important thing at Danone.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people, and as a manager I do all I can to support my team and enable the right work-life balance. 

Sharing great ideas

I was thrilled to be asked to share some of Danone’s IT best practice with startup and small businesses at the European Commission in Paris. It was a really inspiring experience, and it was great to share some ideas to help smaller businesses in our communities to grow. I’ve had more invitations since, and I’m really hoping to see this side of things develop. 

I got a great mentor, just by asking!

Support to grow

Supporting everyone to grow is so important at Danone. It’s amazing what can happen here! I asked the VP of our India & South East Asia business to be my mentor and he agreed! He was a huge help while I was in Asia. If there’s something you think will help your growth here, there’s every support to make it happen. 

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