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I’m Amal, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m an Engagement & Wellbeing Manager (HR)

I’m based in Malaysia, and I foster connection and engagement among our people while helping to keep us safe, and ensure we keep our commitments to improving sustainability.

My journey so far
  • Joined as Management Trainee
  • Promoted to Nature Assistant Manager
  • Took Up Safety & Nature Manager Role
  • Engagement & Wellbeing Manager

Contributing to our vision

As the Engagement Manager, I bring employees together to foster connection and engagement. Creating a sense of belonging is vital for any company, and I ensure all our people feel included and motivated to carry our ‘One Planet. One Health’ vision to the world! I’m also the one you'll find banging the drum to remind everyone to look after themselves and stay healthy, from getting people to get their workouts done to getting their annual health check-ups.

Everyone is made to feel welcome!
Everyone is made to feel welcome!

Shaping the direction of Danone

When I joined I realised I didn’t need to mould myself into someone I’m not. I can be myself, I can voice my opinions. We’re collaborative, we help each other thrive, and we make everyone welcome.

Opportunities keep on coming

There’s so many projects that I’m involved in right now! I’m part of a team looking into the workplace of the future, I’m in the crisis management team, I’m an auditor - I’m always being given new challenges! It takes adaptability and creativity skills, and my manager is always there for support.

I am here to learn and grow!

Have faith in yourself and try new things

My development conversations have helped me chart my career journey and growth. Every time I’ve moved to a new role, it’s always emphasised to me that it's perfectly OK to step out and learn from zero. I am constantly supported by my mentor, building my own network and skills. It’s pretty cool!

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