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Hi, I’m Chhorvorn

I’m a Healthcare Nutrition Regional Manager

I’m based in Cambodia and I spread the word about our brilliant products across the healthcare sector.

My journey so far
  • Joined as Healthcare Nutrition Advisor
  • Promoted to Supervisor
  • Promoted to Regional Manager

I see the benefits of my work every day

We care about the planet and people when we do business. We want everyone to lead healthy lives. My role is very collaborative and I know that the products I work to market are beneficial to the children that need them, as well as helping our company to grow. I visit hospitals and healthcare centres and see the benefits that our products bring, which is very motivating.

It can be challenging, but I always feel valued and supported
It can be challenging, but I always feel valued and supported

People come first in everything we do

We achieve great things but we can’t do it alone. We motivate each other and look to improve ourselves from what we share and discover together. The company really looks after us, and I feel valued.

Different perspectives keep things fresh

I interact with many different parts of the business to grow our brands - sales, marketing, quality control and many more, and I learn from them all. Every project I get involved in sees me grow and gain skills to help me in the future, and I get to experience different perspectives and new ways to do things.

I get great feedback to help me improve

Growing my leadership skills

There’s always something new to try and to learn from, and I can see how my career will grow and grow. Danone is a huge company and there’s opportunities to travel and work in different locations. Now I’m in a leadership role, I want to focus on my leadership skills and people management, and I’m fully supported to do that.

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