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Hi, I’m Kok Meng

I’m the Country Manager for Cambodia & Myanmar

I’m based in Cambodia and I’ve been on a ten-year journey at Danone, full of change, challenges and learning, and it has been very rewarding.

My journey so far
  • Started in Category & Channel Development (CCD)
  • Assigned to Human Resources
  • Moved Back to CCD then Supply Chain
  • Appointed as Country Manager

Ten years of challenges and opportunities

I joined Danone due to its 100% commitment to health and nutrition, and that commitment has never changed. In my current role I’m enjoying the challenge of building up Danone’s presence in a new territory - it’s not easy but the results have been great so far, and we’ve great plans for the future. After ten years in the business it’s great to still have new challenges and to make an impact in this way.

It’s a generous organisation that supports your career goals
It’s a generous organisation that supports your career goals

A spirit of togetherness

I joined Danone in Malaysia and I’ve been in the company for 10 years because of my colleagues. There’s a spirit of togetherness. ‘One person, One Voice, One Share’ gives a sense of belonging and ownership that’s very powerful, not just symbolic.

I love to expand my comfort zone!

Whatever role I’m given I know I’m trusted to add value and gain experience. In my current role the experience I’ve gained in sales, marketing, HR and supply chain has given me the right foundation to be successful. There’s lots to do but it’s another great opportunity to expand my comfort zone!

It’s never routine, change is part of every day!

Development is constant and rewarding

During my time in a HR role I introduced the first Danone Campus for All in Malaysia, a learning programme that involved 900 people across a number of our regions that still happens to this day. That’s a clear demonstration of how Danone gives everyone a chance for development. Growth is in everyone’s hands.

  • country image Malaysia
    I’m now based in Cambodia as a country manager!
  • country image Cambodia
    I’m now based in Cambodia as a country manager!

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