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Hello, I’m Madhan

I’m the Head of Healthy Ageing (Marketing)

I’m based in India and I get to market some amazing brands, helping consumers choose healthy, nutritious food.

My journey so far
  • Joined Marketing (Dairy Business)
  • Digital & E-Commerce (Specialized Nutrition)
  • Consumer Marketing (Healthy Ageing)

Every decision is made with wellbeing in mind

I work closely with one of our most innovative protein products, providing whole-life nutrition to help consumers lead healthy lives. That’s a good feeling. And recently my team and I launched digital tools to help consumers identify nutrition gaps in their diet. The feedback has been amazing. Those tools aren’t about selling more boxes of our products, it’s about providing information to help people make healthy choices, and their feedback emphasises why we do what we do.

It’s a unique culture of collaboration
It’s a unique culture of collaboration

Danone celebrates individuality

Danoners enjoy freedom to innovate, to try things without fear of failure or judgement. Everyone is trusted to make the right decisions, we work with positive intent, with time and space to innovate.

I love being a mentor for others, it helps me learn so much!

I’ve been trained to be a mentor for others, and have mentored people from different functions across the business. So I’ve had to quickly grasp their roles and careers to try to help them with the next steps. It’s beneficial in two ways - I learn more about others and I learn more about myself too.

I love getting my hands dirty!

A Great Mix of Learning Resources

Across my time at Danone I’ve been having conversations about my career and building my skills. We have structured training and online learning resources, but I enjoy on the job training, getting my hands dirty and learning by doing. That’s a big part of my development, it’s how I learn the most.

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