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Hello, I’m Panthila

I’m an Innovation Realisation Office (IRO) Project Manager

I’m based in Thailand and I work on projects that get nutritious products to the market. I’m surrounded by opportunities to develop and grow.

My journey so far
  • Joined as Assistant Planning Manager
  • Promoted to Supply Planning Manager
  • Expanded Role: Include Medical Products
  • Promoted to IRO Project Manager

A commitment to good health

The nutritional benefits of our products attracted me to become a Danoner, but I was surprised at the way we do business. There is a genuine commitment to the health of our consumers. It’s about doing much more than a commercial transaction, we are focused on wellbeing, and everything I do makes a difference to people’s lives. 

We listen closely to each other’s ideas!
We listen closely to each other’s ideas!

A refreshing approach

My ideas get listened to, and we’re flexible in our working methods, so if an idea is worth pursuing, we can change it to see if it works. That’s different to a lot of multinational companies.

Always happy to help others

With my project management expertise I’m often asked to advise on how different work streams and ideas can progress. It’s great to give a helping hand. You need to be adaptable here, to go with the flow, which isn’t for everyone. However, it means you learn and develop alongside your colleagues. 

If you’re thirsty to learn, come to Danone!

Empowered to grow

I’ve benefited from brilliant on the job trainings, and I feel empowered to seek out learning and development opportunities for myself. At all levels of the organization, your ideas get heard here and you learn and grow. I’m trusted to identify ways I can develop and to fully explore them. 

Join Panthila to experience all these yourself! Check out our jobs!