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Hello, I’m Sreyleak

I’m a Regulatory Affairs Manager

We make amazing products, and I make sure they comply with food regulations and provide great nutrition. I’m based in Cambodia.

My journey so far
  • Joined as Regulatory Affairs Executive
  • Promoted to Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager
  • Promoted to Regulatory Affairs Manager

Building a good reputation

What’s great for me in my role is that we not only work to grow the business, but we work hard to grow our reputation as well, all over the world. We are visible, active and ethical in our communities and we work closely with other organisations to improve peoples’ health and make a positive impact. Healthy eating is something everyone needs to be reminded about, and I make sure that each product I deal with is compliant with regulations and benefits our consumers.

We really walk the talk!
We really walk the talk!

Feeling valued and seeing the benefit

Danoners don’t just talk about our values and mission, we live and breathe them. The company looks after our wellbeing, and the ethical way we do business is reflected in the way that we are treated.

It’s a fascinating business, with lots to explore

As well as my main role I’m also the Secretary of our Crisis Management Team, which sees me working alongside colleagues from different parts of the business and external stakeholders. Danoners regularly get to explore other parts of the business, to grow their skills and knowledge. It’s really rewarding.

We all have opportunities to grow

Building a long -term career

Since day one my managers and peers have helped me with advice and formal training, supporting me to build my network and knowledge. The company takes care of us, helps us identify opportunities to gain new skills and experiences, and helps us achieve everything we want from our career.

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