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Hello, I’m Sze Wei

I’m a Regional Dairy Ingredients Sourcing Manager

I’m based in Singapore and I make sure the ingredients we use are high quality, cost-effective, and have the least possible impact on the environment.

My journey so far
  • Joined Danone Malaysia
  • Expanded Scope – Malaysia & Thailand
  • Moved to Regional Headquarters
  • Expanded to Global Scope

Procurement is my cup of tea!

My role requires me to get a good deal on the ingredients we need, but what’s even more important is that we do the right thing for the planet. Our vision of ‘One planet. One health’ aligns with my personal principles. We are just borrowing the planet from future generations, so it’s important that our suppliers operate more sustainably, and I’m proud to tell my daughters I’m doing everything I can to make this happen.

Danone is always looking for fresh perspectives.
Danone is always looking for fresh perspectives.

You can be your true self!

We hire people to bring fresh perspectives, creativity and critical thinking. It’s truly people-centric here. It takes collaboration to ensure the supply of our ingredients and to maintain quality.

I get to influence the way we do things around the world!

Everyone at Danone gets involved in different projects outside their main role. I was recently part of a team working to improve our diversity and inclusion, running internal programmes to help stop unconscious bias when we hire people. It’s refreshing to explore a different part of the business.

I’m free to look for training opportunities that can enhance my growth and performance!

Personal development is built into our work

I’m encouraged to find ways to improve and grow personally and professionally. That’s very rewarding, especially when it results in achieving what was initially thought to be an impossible goal! It’s great to get a pat on the back from my boss, but it’s even better to have built a reputation as someone who can help when others are facing a challenge.

  • country image Malaysia
    I joined Danone in Malaysia but am now based in Singapore!
  • country image Singapore
    I joined Danone in Malaysia but am now based in Singapore!

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