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Hello, I'm Asami

I'm a Customer Logistics Manager

I joined Danone in sales, and saw the need for improvement with our supply chain department. After raising my hand I was able to transfer to the Operations department. 

My journey so far
  • Sales Specialist
  • Customer Logistics Senior Supervisor
  • Customer Logistics Manager

Co-build Danone's future

I am able to work with a sense of purpose and want to create an environment where decisions can be made to positive impact to the business. 

Expansion of our business is certain, and I'm ready to assist in co-building Danone's future. 

There's not much of routine work, its more project based
There's not much of routine work, its more project based

Embrace diversity with freedom to create new ways

The team embodies diversity and everyone can be challenged.

We have lots of freedom to develop our ideas, for example for cost reductions and development of supply chain routes. 


Continuous improvements and forward thinking

We're always considering future posssiblities and how to improve our processes. Even if we find better solutions we continue to consider about potential business opportunities. 

We're free to develop new ideas

Exposure to top management

I have many opportunities to speak to top management, as well as colleauges in various functions. At Danone, if you are proactive and raise your hand, the opportunity will be provided. 

Asami is looking for people with a strong sense of purpose, and positive can do attitude to join Danone.