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Hello, I'm Joan

I'm a Performance Manager and I'm located at the production site.

I am from Spain where yogurt is called Danone.

With my special interests in Japan, I was excited with the opportunity to work at Danone Japan. I moved to Japan in 2015 and learned Japanese on the job. 

My journey so far
  • Process Engineer
  • Performance Supervisor
  • Performance Manager

We're able to make changes and see the benefits

We've made lots of progress with our factory operations, and it has provided dynamic benefits to both our consumers and operational processes.

Applying Danone ways of work and our lean manufacturing principles has given our operators the much needed changes. 

Especially in Japan we work as a group to achieve our goals..


Getting the job done makes my position interesting.
Getting the job done makes my position interesting.

People are highly motivated & straight forward

We all like to bring projects forward.  There were times in the past where there were some resistance to change, this could be cultural - now we have more clarity on our goals. People are diligent, and get the job done.


Danone Culture in Japan

Implementing Danone's efficiency focused culture has been challenging, though we see the changes in people knowing the impact we have created through efficiencies in cost and production capabilities.

Lots of communication and feedback, starting from management ideas, putting importance on providing information to people in the organization have been important factors. 

Efficiencies links with the environment, energy consumption is a big impact for the environment and Danone wants make positive impacts.

Performance = growth opportunities

Its easy to try to look for new ways that may boost your ideas, especially when its not part of your usual role & responsibility.  

When you perform well, you are recognized and you are provided with more opportunities.


My journey so far

Joan is looking for critical thinkers and solution focused people to join Danone.