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I'm Head of Digital and Media.

I am leading media strategies & planning for all branding campaigns.



My journey so far

Impact on business with growth mindset

Danone provides lots of flexibility in local strategies and global fully supports local decisions. This is something that is great for creativity.

With our media activations, there is a clear framework to maximise impact on the business. 



We have very good links and balance between global & local.
We have very good links and balance between global & local.

Sharing best practices

Danone is a true consumer and people centric company. 

We developed from scratch ways of work for social media and its guidelines. This is a new area, and it is exciting times to be synchronising activations with various cross functional teams.

Everyone has strong sense of commitment

Everyone has strong sense of commitment and motivation to achieve strong results.  

It comes through with creating our own hypothesis which is an important aspect for the team and our marketing  ways.

We're free to develop new ideas

There's always room to grow through new inspirations

I am challenged to grow further in this new area, with freedom given to apply new findings.

I am encouraged to have my own vision, especially for my team.

Kei is looking for people who enjoy solving complex puzzles and have strong ambitions to grow themselves and the business.