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I'm a Brand Manager in the marketing team.

I started at Danone as an intern, and was hired into the brand team there after. Now, I am looking after Alpro, the first oatmilk brand to enter Japan. 

My journey so far
  • Marketing Intern
  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Brand Manager

Impact of End to End Marketing

Our marketing team is organised to experience end to end marketing. We are hands on with all processes and this creates execllent opportunities for young people to increase our marketing capabilties. 

The challenging environment provides a stage for us to be fully involved in projects, where we work cross functionally to produce positive impact to the business always with consumer-centric mindset. 


Pride in our social contribution

We take pride in our company's vision and have a culture that allows us to connect to people.

Our people understand that there are many different perspectives, and people are open to hearing others’ opinions. 

Invidual contribution, Collective performance

We have a lot of autonomy in our work, and individuals contribute to the strategies for new products, campaigns  and new business develoments. However the performance is derived from the collective of various people from various functional teams.  


More trainings and more opportunities to participate

 We are given specialized training to improve our marketing skills. Within the small marketing team, resposibilities are large and so ownership mindset naturally develops.

Naoko is looking for people with passion and spirit to challenge to join Danone!