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People centric

At Danone we have a collaborative and social workplace.
We place importance on networks and relationships, not structure and process.

One Person, One Voice, One Share

Through the pioneering "One Person, One Voice, One Share", initiated in 2018, you as an employee, regardless of seniority or position, receive a share in Danone. This means that you get the opportunity to, as a shareholder, express yourself and vote in the annual shareholder meeting and in this way have a direct impact on the company's plans at local and global level.

  • 87 000
    employees are currently shareholders at Danone!
  • This
  • 87 000
    employees eligable to vote in annual shareholder's meeting!
  • Impact
    Ultimately having direct impact on local and global level

Future ways of working

We believe the best decision makers are our employees, which is why we, through focus groups and surveys, have co-built our policy of flexible ways of working. Our policy on flexible working is a key strategy on leveraging the competencies of our employees by offering them autonomy to organize their workdays as fit for them, based on their needs and preferences, ultimately enabling great results.

Inclusive Diversity

Gender Equality

Danone is included in the 2021 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) which distinguishes companies committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality. To us, being inclusive and diverse has to be demonstrated, not only in thoughts and words, but in actions.


Actions demonstrating what we believe in. Therefore, we are proud to be in a long-term partnership with Regnbågsfonden (Rainbow Fund) who works tirelessly to protect LGBTQIA+ communities across the globe.