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Hello, I’m Elisabeth

I’m a Medical Affairs Manager in Sweden

In Danone I am a part of the Specialized Nutrition business unit. I focus on linking science and commercial activity to drive optimal medical nutrition treatment for malnourished patients.  

My journey so far

We can do a lot to help people in need

I feel we can really make a difference for people who are in need of our medical nutrition products. With the help of our cross-functional competencies, engaged and highly committed colleagues combined with partnerships with health care professionals, we provide products and services which makes an impact.

We are constantly thinking about improving patient outcomes 
We are constantly thinking about improving patient outcomes 

Continuous improvement

One significant part of my medical function is to drive competency movement in regards to nutritional treatments in different therapeutic areas, often by involving external experts. Within Nutricia Academia I have recently initiated these sorts of engagements where Health Care Professionals can take part of scientific insights and discuss improvements in clinical practice. 

Leadership culture, commitment and a collaborative mindset 

Here at Nutricia and Danone the individual voice and resources are valued. There is room to support career ambitions and development of the individuals’ competencies. 

Being locally responsible for global research collaboration

A valuable combination for me as an employee is the clear guidance about expected competencies and achievements within my position, while there is also room for individual development ambitions. One aspect of my role which helped me grow is being locally responsible for a researcher collaboration in a Nutricia- sponsored clinical trial investigating one of our products, where I am continuously introduced to new exciting challenges.

Elisabeth is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.