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Hello, I'm Inta

I work as a Project Manager at Innovation & Productivity Realization Office

My role is to control every step of our products’ journey, starting from the manufacturing all the way until final delivery to the shelf in the store, while at the same time dealing with different issues and constraints on the way.

My journey so far

I’m doing something I always wanted to do

I like the working environment and easy-going company culture, of course the job can be challenging at times but it gives you a feeling that you are making an impact in the organization and the life of our consumers.

People here form a sense of unity
People here form a sense of unity


I like that it is a flat organization because it increases employees’ level of responsibility and simplifies the decision making process. The people are unique, with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures but we all have the same vision and passion for our work.

A job description is just a basic idea

Since my work involves continuous improvement and change management, I always have to look for new approaches how to transform information and make it work. Recently, I took a new approach for cross-functional teams when revising the new processes and I believe the outcome will be successful when we share more across divisions. 

If you want something, express it!

I like the level of responsibility and autonomy

Working in Danone gives me the opportunity to gain necessary skills and gather experience which brings me closer towards my career goals. The project related to Project Resource Management is helping me to grow and develop towards the Portfolio Management role.

Inta is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you?