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Hi, I’m Kristina!

I work in Danone as Head of Marketing responsible for Adult products.

If someone would ask me what I do at my job I would say that I’m helping people who are struggling to eat normally to still get all the nutrients they need to stay heatlhy.

My journey so far
  • Joined us in 2011
  • Promoted to Brand Manager
  • Digital Lead for Denmark
  • Nordics Marketing Manager

We are making a difference

I feel like I’m a small part of making a difference in terms of the planet and each adult and child on it. Lately, we have prepared a full support package to help children with ADHD and malnutrition get back on track with their food intake and growth. 

We go the extra mile for each other and for the mission we have
We go the extra mile for each other and for the mission we have

We have a passion and ambition

Internally, it’s all about seeing, understanding and supporting each other. Externally, we make an effort to be the best we can be because every child, every person deserves the best possible care. 

Proud to work hand in hand with science!

We are creating exciting content for a new, in-depth internal training program about Human Milk Science and Immune Health. Building it from scratch and collaborating with my colleagues to make it as great as possible has been truly rewarding.

DANONE is all about continuous development

Never a dull moment!

Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities together with great colleagues is exactly what makes my job exciting. I always felt like Danone is my second family.

There’s a real culture of support and growth.

Join Kristina to experience life at Danone youself! Check out our jobs!