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Hello, I’m Simon

I am a curently working as Customer Collaboration Manager

I ensure that our customers are happy and get the products they are buying, in an efficient way.

My journey so far

It makes me proud

ONE PLANET. ONE HEALTH vision means a lot to me since we as a global food company play an important role for the planet. By aiming to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits together with decreasing food waste, we at Danone contributes to a better world! 

People are always coming first
People are always coming first

It's a double win!

The number one achievement during my time at Danone must be the actions we have taken to heavily decrease food waste within our organization, where we have found new ways of reaching people in need and with positive impact on the environment.

It's all about understanding each other!

Danoners put themselves in the shoes of others, we listen and try to understand and as a result meet customers, stakeholders and colleagues needs. This mindset is especially inspiring in teams like Supply Chain where we have 15 different nationalities.

Danone allows me to grow and push my strengths

Danone is a great place to grow

I’ve never been working with any other company that spends so much time on individual growth and preparation of professional development plans. It makes me happy that I am developing in my profession and I am continuously challenged to adapt my approach depending on changing needs.

Simon is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join Danone. Sounds like you.