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Hi, my name is Agata

I’m Junior Brand Manager for Żywiec Zdrój

I’m responsible for the appearance and strategy of products that you can find on store shelves.

My journey so far
  • Internship in Marketing
  • Management Program
  • Marketing in Żywiec Zdrój

Mission and values are important to me

I always wanted to work with an international corporation in the dynamic industry of FMCG.

Working in a company with which I have consistent values not only builds commitment, but also allows me to participate in the process and bring health to as many people as possible through food.

People at DANONE shine with positive energy and commitment
People at DANONE shine with positive energy and commitment

DANONE focuses on people

Company helps to develop passions and live in accordance with their values.

Focusing on people also means taking care of their development - an extensive training system, the opportunity to participate in CSR projects, a program of internal trainers, or sports activities.

I create things that I'm proud of

Thanks to DANONE, I learned that nothing is impossible and that it is worth thinking "out of the box". Thanks to this, I gain knowledge in such non-standard areas for a marketer as construction of a technological line and winding labels on rolls, or engaging in conducting workshops for students.

I participate in the process of creating a product from its start to its very end - from the idea through implementation to post-evaluation.

"We can do it" approach

DANONE means opportunities to work in various departments and various companies, develop the competences of a marketer, be an owner of your topics and a broad design perspective.

Agata is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?