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Hello, I’m Agata

I’m a Spotlight Intelligence Product Owner

My team and I are all about Business Intelligence! We transform infrastructure data into meaningful and easy-to-use analytics - to show the value of infrastructure and help to make appropriate decisions.

My journey so far
  • Yearly internship
  • IT Specialist
  • IT Analyst in the EMEA region

Data that makes a difference

I’ve been involved in some amazing projects; there’s so much we can do as IT & Data to make a difference, only sometimes creativity is blocking us. We have the right set of skills to provide value through technology and data – whether it comes to digital accessibility, inclusive technologies or simply building inclusive culture inside our teams. 

Everyone is so friendly, it’s a real community
Everyone is so friendly, it’s a real community

A warm welcome

We really help and support each other! There’s a high focus on learning, sharing knowledge and experimenting with new solutions. I got a warm welcome when I joined Danone, now it’s time for me to do the same.

Proud of my progress

I joined Danone 5 years ago as a trainee. In every role that I had during this time, I faced a lot of challenges (the good ones, those that motivate you to grow).

Apart from IT-related knowledge, I learned a lot by simply going out of my comfort zone – learning how to present myself, how to conduct trainings, how to cooperate with people from different cultures and mindsets.

Sometimes it was a slow process, sometimes it was diving into deep water, but each time I had a lot of support that made me believe in my skills.

Every role has endless possibilities

Always learning

There’s plenty of opportunities to explore, learn and take on new challenges. And where there’s gaps in my skills there’s usually training available to help me. Everyone has a talent development plan that we set up and verify each year with our manager.

Agata is looking for commited and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?