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Hi, my name is Damian

I’m Omnichannel Key Account Manager

Working with clients such as Intermarche, SPAR, Selgros and Makro, I support the Modern Trade team in making food for children available in the store at a good price.

My journey so far
  • Key Account Specialist
  • Senior Key Account Specialist
  • Junior Key Account Manager
  • Omnichannel Key Account Manager

We care about DANONE values in practice

The decisions we make as a company affect the world around us. One should not be guided only by the size of the business, but also by morals and ethics. It is not enough to be aware of the possible effects of the company's decisions, but also to actively participate in eliminating negative effects (or preventing them from happening).

DANONE listens to the needs of employees
DANONE listens to the needs of employees

Huge commitment and responsibility for the company's results.

Genuine openness and willingness to look for new opportunities.

Besides - everyone is very nice which creates a unique atmosphere at work that stands out among other corporations.

Working in sales means constantly undertaking new initiatives

I implemented a new promotional strategy for the C&C channel and created a comprehensive strategy for all my clients.

I also voluntarily undertook one of the key activities within the Danone People Survey - influencing the effectiveness of the entire sales department. I am also WISE Man in the sales department, which means I care about their safety.

Each day gives you the opportunity to learn something new and do something different, better.

Danone stands out in the market

Danone encourages you to seek improvement and risk taking to grow and generate your business. At the same time, in a situation of making mistakes, it focuses on finding a solution and drawing conclusions from it, ensuring the comfort of development.

Damian is looking for energetic and ambitious people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?