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Hello, I’m Dawid

I’m Digital Transformation Engineer.

I'm responsible for the implementation of digital solutions in the Nutricia factory.

My journey so far
  • Internship
  • Automation Engineer
  • Digital Transformation Engineer

We all care for our planet and health

My number one achievement is the implementation of the first co-operative robot that improves work in the factory in Opole.

I’m also involved in volounteering work such as collecting garbage together or giving out healthy meals and snacks every week.

The approach to the employee and the atmosphere at work
The approach to the employee and the atmosphere at work

DANONE improve our production plant every day

Company cares for the safety of employees, which makes us feel comfortable at work.

Great people work here, communicative and funny as well as hardworking and reliable. I have a lot of friends here and a great supervisor.

There's a lot going on at DANONE

I was promoted to a completely new position and each project I carry out is for me a challenge.

I was happy to take up the hot16challange campaign and we helped children in need by donating the collected money to the foundation. I participate in various sports activities organized by DANONE.

Working in the Nutricia factory in Opole, I learned even greater commitment to work, which allowed me to significantly improve my results.

Each project that I carry out allows me to grow

I am developing a lot and getting to know new things. I gain experience and knowledge every day.

Dawid is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?