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Hi, my name is Magdalena

I’m Master Data Manager

I am responsible for the analysis of data from suppliers, our stores and products for all divisions from the Nordics, through the Baltics and Poland to Eastern Europe.

My journey so far
  • Commercial Terms Specialist
  • Back Office Specialist
  • Customer Care Specialist
  • Master Data Coordinator

Working at DANONE is a collaborative effort

We are an organization that focuses on caring for ourselves, our families and our surroundings.

In the team, we share our good habits, such as a healthy diet or physical activity, which become an important element of every day.

DANONE is my workplace
DANONE is my workplace

DANONE is about individuality

All together, we create a unique team which believe in the implementation of DANONE vision.

Each of us has a voice that the company sees. We are an organization that each of us creates in a real way.

We work based on a culture of feedback

As a team of Master Data, we are involved in so many processes, operations and areas.

Being responsible for the Master Date of the customer, material and supplier, we have the opportunity to work in a very cross-team manner. We receive and transmit information that helps us develop and motivate us to work.

Each day brings new challenges that allow you to develop

I develop throug the projects

The project that brought me the greatest development was the implementation of the SAP system in the Nordic countries - both in terms of technical knowledge, building system structures from scratch and extensive cross-team work.

Magdalena is looking for energetic and entrepreneurial people to join DANONE. Sounds like you?